I went to a dog show this past weekend and they had a Bil Jac vendor there. They had a deal where you could get an entire case of their chicken liver treats for 25 dollars. I bought it, and the vendor gave me two sample sized bags of their food for free. I gave it to my dogs that night and they loved it. My puppy is really picky and won't sit and eat her food in one sitting, so we end up leaving the food down and our other dog will come back and pick at it for seconds. They both sat and ate their servings in one sitting. After doing some research, I found out that they use small trace amounts of BHA as a preservative, which has some controversy over being a carcinogen.

I'M TORN. My dogs love the food, it's relatively cheap, but the BHA is so bad. It may be a small amount, but it will be the only thing my dogs eat for the rest of their life, which will add up to be more then just a trace amount. After reading user reviews, the majority of people who use it have picky eater dogs who really love it. The small bad reviews are from people who know about the BHA and downrated it because of that.


Does anyone have a recommendation for food that their picky eaters will eat that is healthy and relatively decent priced?

ETA: Another reason I really wanted to try the Bil Jac food was because it's good on sensitive stomachs and doesn't need to be slowly integrated. You can full on switch over with no issues.

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