I need some advice! I have been neglecting my up keep appointments for the past two years or so due to lack of funds and moving and being too lazy to find a new doctor. I'm going to start making my appointments soon and I've been debating on going to see a dermatoligist for a while. I just don't know what to look for or if I should even waste the money.

I want to go because I have some mild acne and some gross blackheads that are getting worse with age. I am 22 and have worse skin now then I did while going through puberty. It didn't help when I was on birth control, so not hormonal. Oil washing made the black heads worse, regular face washes made my already dry skin even more dry and flaky and did not help with preventing acne. I'm mostly just looking for advice from a doctor rather then treatments. I also don't know what to really look for in choosing a doctor. I also need to find a new dentist and MD so any tips on what to ask/look for while trying to choose a doctor will be helpful.


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