Has anyone bought the new Essie magnetic nail polish? I bought one that is supposed to turn into snakeskin (SO COOL, RIGHT?!) after you put the magnet on it but it didn't work. I followed the directions to the T, which wasn't hard because they seemed simple enough. Paint one coat, let it dry, do the second coat, immiediately place magnet over nail as close as you can for 5 seconds, and remove and watch the snake scales appear! But no, no snake scales appeared. Did I do something wrong? Was I not supposed to let the first coat dry completely? Honestly, I didn't even need to do two coats because the polish is a thicker consistency and wasn't streaky at all. I also didn't roll the bottle at all. I'm pretty pissed I just spent 10 dollars on a bottle of nail polish that isn't doing what it's supposed to do (even though the color without the scales is pretty cool, but SCALES ARE SO MUCH COOLER).


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